Subversion Windows Installer

About these Subversion binaries:
These binaries are built using Visual C++ 6.0.
The source code can be found at the Apache Subversion site
Should work (but not tested) on all flavours of Windows
from Win2000 to Win8 including server variants.
(1.7.x does not work on NT4 due to APR using new functions).

I try my best to keep up with the official source releases,
and are usually released the second weekend after the source release.
But since I build them at my spare time and also need time for other
things in my life it can sometimes take a week or two longer.
Just be patient...they will be build sooner or later.

Testsuite is run on Windown XP Pro SP3, and I use it myself
on Windows 2000, WinXP and Win7 x64
If you run it successfully on other configurations, please
leave a note below so I can create a list

If you wish to provide any feedback on these files, please use this form:


note: Questions, comments, and bug reports should be sent to

All files can also be downloaded from
Please support my build by donating:
All test for subversion passed with for ra_file, ra_svn, ra_neon(http) and ra_serf(http).
Bindings NOT tested.

1.9.x Will probably NOT be built by this project. Click for more info.

1.8.17   1.8.16   1.8.15   1.8.14   1.8.13   1.8.11   1.8.10   1.8.9   1.8.8   1.8.5   1.8.4   1.8.3   1.8.1   1.8.0  
1.7.22   1.7.20   1.7.19   1.7.18   1.7.17   1.7.16   1.7.14   1.7.13   1.7.11   1.7.10   1.7.9   1.7.8   1.7.7   1.7.6   1.7.5   1.7.4   1.7.3   1.7.2   1.7.1   1.7.0  
1.6.23   1.6.21   1.6.20   1.6.19   1.6.17   1.6.16   1.6.15   1.6.13   1.6.12   1.6.11   1.6.9  
1.6.6 - 1.5.4 (Installers only)